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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we are often asked... and our answers! If you ever have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the form at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you quickly.


Nadia and Nicolas Pelletier

Are cleaning fees included?

Yes, cleaning costs are included in our prices displayed on the site. There are no other charges than the amount indicated (other than taxes).


What is the total amount I will pay?

In Quebec, there are three mandatory taxes in the field of tourist rentals.

- Lodging tax (3.5%)

- GST (5% of the amount, including accommodation tax)

- QST (9.975% of the amount, including accommodation tax)

Example: for a rental displayed at $800, we must add $28.00 lodging tax, $41.40 GST and $82.59 QST, for a total of $951.99.

In total, count 19% more than the amount displayed.

Taxes are remitted to governments, we only keep the amount displayed.


Are you a legal tourist establishment?

Yes. We are accredited by Tourisme Québec and our CITQ number is 223121. The chalet has been in operation since 2003.


Can I be refunded if I cancel my reservation?

Please refer to our cancellation policy.


Can friends come visit us?

The maximum capacity of the chalet, at all times, is 8 people. Please let us know if visitors come to see you during your stay. Parties are not allowed.


Can we bring our dog?

Unfortunately no. Our chalet is thus safe for people who are allergic to animals, because there are never any.


What coffee maker do you have?

We have two: a percolator and an espresso coffee maker (pictures here). We also have a coffee grinder and filters. All you have to do is bring your coffee!


PS: There are very good local roasters in Charlevoix!


What activities are there to do in the area?

It depends on the season. There are many. We have a binder at the chalet full of suggestions, from visiting the nearby alpaca farm to helicopter rides and hiking in Sépaq parks.

In St-Irénée itself, there is the beach and the Domaine Forget (3 mins by car), horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, antique shops, two restaurants, a blacksmith, and even an airport!


Is the spa functional in winter?

Yes! Our jacuzzi operates 365 days a year (and even 366 on leap years!), 24 hours a day.

The instructions for checking the alkalinity of the water are in the binder that you will find on site.

The water is calibrated between each client and regularly emptied.


Do I need a key to get in?

Yes. The key is in a box at the entrance to the chalet. We will share the code with you a few days before your arrival.


When should I book to ensure chalet availability?

It depends on the time of year. The busiest weeks are summer, spring break, holiday season, and long weekends (Easter, Labor Day, etc.). Some of our clients book a year in advance, but most of the time, 6 months in advance is enough.

For other periods, it varies enormously. Check our availability calendar.


Do you do discounts?

Yes! We sometimes do discounts. Most of the time, it is for last minute rentals if there is availability.

The best way not to miss anything is to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Facebook page (Both are in French, though, sorry).


Where can I read reviews from your previous customers?

We have grouped several of them in our "Reviews" page, and some customers also leave some on our  Google page


How long does it take to go to Charlevoix?

It depends where you are going from. From Quebec City, it takes about 1h30.

From Montreal, it's about 4 hours. It may change depending on the season.

Even in winter, the roads are clear, except on days of heavy storms when it is better to stay at home.


Do you accept credit cards?

No Unfortunately. We accept payment by bank transfer or cheque.

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